Is Twitter the new Facebook?


Social media is the newfound open door to all communication of the unknown world. If I did not know what was going on in the world, I could hop on Twitter or Facebook and know in less than seconds. I am a highly active social media wiz kid. I love it, I immerse in it, and I love teaching and showing others about its wonders. Twitter and Facebook hold a vital roll in the future of technology and the riches of the world of knowledge. I had a Facebook when Facebook had just presented itself to the world. I loved it and all its wonders. One day a friend approached me about getting a twitter. I looked at them with a glare of “I don’t want it,” and eventually got one. The first Twitter I had was a total and immediate fail. I started and within a week I did not see a point in me saying something with less than 140 characters and did not see where it made sense at all. So back to Facebook I went. Eventually I got sick of Facebook and deleted my account. At this time I started using Twitter again, and by again I mean I got a new account, figured it out, LOVED it, and started tweeting religiously. Becoming a Public Relations major opened my eyes even more, thus I opened up a new Facebook recently as well, and made sure my Twitter and Facebook was as professional as possible. Now to answer that question of is Twitter really the new Facebook? I don’t think Twitter is the “new” Facebook, I think Twitter is Twitter. What do I mean by this? Twitter is a highly addictive new social media outlet that is easy to use, takes less than a second, and not all your information is out there. It is HIGHLY helpful for companies, professionals in all fields, celebrities, students, teachers, THE WORLD!


Twitter is the new and highly anticipated social media outlet that we all needed. A place to go to find out anything and everything without the personal touch of information that we did not want to share. It allows us to have just enough room to breath, but also have our own flair to our profile. Recently Twitter changed their layout which has many similarities to the Facebook profile look that are inescapable. There’s a square profile photo in the top left, and a large “cover” photo on top dominates both pages, for example. Below the profile photo you’ll find the basic info about the user, and under that is photos and friends. The only real difference there is that on Twitter’s user profiles, photos are placed below your followers, and Facebook has it the other way around. It’ll be interesting to see what the users think of the new look, especially those that are not overly fond of Facebook. With this said, Twitter is a great and amazing Social Media outlet of its own that we all should appreciate, enjoy, and use to our advantages.

Happy Tweeting!

Alexis J.


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